July 28th, 2017

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19:00 (CEST) — How to Build Habit-Forming Products

Tune in on July the 28th and learn!

Founder @ Viral Loops


Nir Eyal

14:00 (CEST) — Kick-off!


David Arnoux

Head of Growth @ Growth Tribe

Top Growth Hacker 2017 


Full funnel growth

Guillaume Cabane

14:15 (CEST) — A process for growth

18:15 (CEST) — Unlock your Funnel with Extreme Data-Driven Personalization

Ilana Munckton

Ignacio Gallegos

Paid Growth @ Skyscanner

19:45 (CEST) — Sorry, but your "baby" is ugly. A retention story.

Partner & Co-founder @ Phiture


14:45 (CEST) — Applying science and data to drive sustainable Paid Growth


Founder @ GimmeGrowth

Jake Stainer

Head of Performance Marketing @ Typeform



17:45 (CEST) — How To Scale SEO for Any Size Organization

15:15 (CEST) — How to acquire leads on Facebook through giveaways and quizzes.

VP of Growth @ Segment

Srikant Kotapalli


Head of Product @ VWO

Author of "Hooked"



15:45 (CEST) — How to persuade your visitors to convert?

Head of Growth @ TrendWatching

Olga Andrienko


Global Marketing Manager @ SEMrush

22:15 (CEST) — Closing

Andy Carvell


16:30 (CEST) — Ways to Improve Customer Retention: Gamification Cases by SEMrush

20:15 (CEST) — Mobile Growth Tools, Process & Tech Stack + tricks 2017

Savvas Zortikis

David Darmanin

Founder & CEO @ Hotjar

20:45 (CEST) — Viral Marketing As A Growth Catalyst

Dominic Coryell


17:00 (CEST) — Driving growth by driving usage: wins from the Hotjar journey to 82,759 active users.

21:15 (CEST) — Outreach Mastery

Josh Fechter

Martijn Scheijbeler

Growth & SEO @ Postmates

21:45 (CEST) — How I Built a Million Dollar Facebook Group with $2,000

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